Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Weather Updates for the 2012 Growing Season

So just how does this year's weather compare to other years. Right from the start, the 2012 growing season is unique, especially with March weather. Growing degree unit (GDU) accumulation for March was greater than GDU accumulation for April at both the Arlington and Marshfield University of Wisconsin Agricultural Research Stations. To track the weather see the charts at the top of the "Season" page on the Corn Agronomy website. Periodically I will update these charts as the season progresses. The charts show precipitation (daily and accumulated), maximum/minimum air temperatures, GDU accumulation for various planting dates, and daily and accumulated GDUs. These data are collected from the Automated Weather Observation Network maintained by Dr. Bill Bland (UW Soils) and from National Weather Service observers at the stations.

Sample weather report for the Arlington and Marshfield University of Wisconsin - Agriculture Research Stations.
In this report I also include the weather patterns for the coolest/warmest and driest/wettest years of these stations from April 1 to the date posted. These years are selected by using + one standard deviation from the 30-year normal (1982 to 2011). For these selected years that deviate, I then track the weather that occurs later during their growing seasons.