Thursday, February 7, 2013

New State All-Time Corn Yield Record Set in 2012

In spite of the 2012 drought, a new all-time state record corn yield was produced in Portage County. The previous all-time record was from Grant county. A total of five county records were set in Brown, Green Lake, Pepin, Portage, and Walworth counties. Yields jumped 13 to 65 bushels per acre over the previous record in these counties. The county with the greatest yield increase, 65 bushels per acre over the previous record, was Walworth county.

The new record was set by Jeff Laskowski of Plover, WI, where he produced 327 bushels per acre using the corn hybrid Pioneer P0533AM1. Laskowski's irrigated entry was grown on 10 continuous acres.

For further reading see the NCGA Corn Yield Contest and the Wisconsin PEPS program.

Highest recorded corn yields (bu/A) in Wisconsin counties (1983-2012). Data includes participants in the NCGA yield contest and Wisconsin PEPS program.