Tuesday, December 27, 2016

State Corn Yield Contest Winners

The winners of the 2016 National Corn Growers Association corn yield contest were announced recently. The highest yield recorded in Wisconsin during 2016 was by Luke Mezera of Bagley who grew Dekalb DKC62-78 which yielded 312.2 bu/A. Winners of the four contests that Wisconsin corn growers are eligible for are shown in Table 1.

Table 1. Winners of the 2016 National Corn Growers Association corn yield contest.
Contest Name City Brand Hybrid Yield (bu/A)
AA Non-Irrigated Jeff Mezera Bagley Dekalb DKC60-69 288.7
AA No-Till/Strip-Till Non-Irrigated Luke Mezera Bagley Dekalb DKC62-78 312.2
No-Till/Strip-Till Irrigated Mark Bacon Hancock Dekalb DKC 53-56RIB 277.2
Irrigated Jeff Laskowski Plover Pioneer P0533AM1 289.0

Nationally, the highest yielding corn field was grown by Randy Dowdy of Valdosta, GA. He used AgriGold A6499STX/RIB to yield 521.4 bu/A. The highest recorded corn yield in the world was recorded in 2015 by David Hula of Charles City, VA, who grew 532.0 bu/A using Pioneer P1197AM. In Wisconsin, the highest recorded corn yield was grown in 2012 by Jeff Laskowski of Plover who grew Pioneer P0533AM1 that yielded 327.1 bu/A.

For more information on the results of this NCGA program, see http://www.ncga.com/for-farmers/national-corn-yield-contest.