Monday, February 17, 2014

Corn Yield Records Set in Nine Wisconsin Counties during 2013

Record corn grain yields were set in nine Wisconsin counties during 2013. The top yielding entry for 2013 was from Gene Steiger of Bloomington (Grant county) at 322 bu/A growing Dekalb DKC62-08RIB. The highest recorded corn yield in Wisconsin is 327 bu/A set during 2012 near Plover (Portage county) by Jeff Laskowski growing Pioneer P0533AM1. 

Figure 1. Highest recorded corn yields (bu/A) in Wisconsin counties. Data includes participants in the NCGA yield contest and Wisconsin PEPS program.

Table 1. Growers who set county record corn yields (bu/A) during 2013. Data derived from participants in the NCGA yield contest.