Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Most Popular Corn Agronomy Blog Articles of 2013

Here are the most popular blog articles of the 2013 growing season for the Wisconsin Corn Agronomy site. Traffic view counts are determined by Google Blogger.
  1. The "Double-Whammy" of Delayed Corn Planting (posted April 29, 3016 views)
  2. Evaluation of Ascend®: Hormones that stimulate corn growth (posted May 3, 2570 views) 
  3. How Late Can I Plant Corn? (posted June 7, 2389 views) 
  4. Record When a Field Tassels to Predict Corn Silage Harvest Date (posted July 15, 2092 views)
  5. The Best Corn Planting Dates Are Yet To Come (posted April 22, 1289 views)

Here are the most popular blog articles during the 2012 growing season.
  1. Corn Management Decisions During Drought Depend Upon Pollination Success (posted July 7, 2245 views)
  2. What Happens Within the Corn Plant When Drought Occurs? (posted July 6, 2018 views)
  3. Pricing Drought Stressed Corn Silage (posted July 10, 1989 views)
  4. Harvesting Barren and Poorly Pollinated Corn (posted July 9, 1896 views)
  5. What Worked, What Didn't Work During the Drought of 1988? (posted July 19, 1370 views)