Thursday, December 1, 2011

New features in the report on Wisconsin Corn Hybrid Performance Trials

Some new features were added to the 2011 report on Wisconsin corn hybrid trials. In Table 2, transgenic traits are described by the technology brand of the developing company with traits listed after the technology brand.

Specific transgenic events of the technologies are listed in Table 3. The year that these technologies were first introduced into the UW corn trials is listed along with the number of hybrids that were tested for each technology in 2011. For example, 96 hybrids were tested with the Agrisure® 3000GT technology which was first introduced into the trials in 2008. The second most popular hybrid technology was Genuity™ VT Triple Pro™ with 73 hybrids tested using the technology. The third most popular technology was YieldGard® VT Triple with 53 hybrids. A total of 83 conventional hybrids were tested in the trials this year.

Since 2004, we have tested 146 different seed treatment combinations on hybrids entered into the trial. The most popular seed treatment in 2011 (a total of 121 hybrids) in the trial was Dynasty+MaximXL | Cruiser25 (Table 4).

We have decided to include an extra location in the northern production zone (see map), which brings the total number of locations in this zone to five grain trials and four silage trials. Statewide there are 15 locations for testing grain hybrids and 11 locations for testing silage hybrids.

The final major change in the report was the performance tables themselves (Tables 7 to 23). Only traits are listed in the tables, rather than specific transgenic events

These new features are intended to make the report more readable and useful for farmers. Any suggestions for improvements are always appreciated.

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