Monday, November 26, 2012

University of Wisconsin Crop Variety Trial Results Are Available to Farmers

One of the most important decisions a farmer makes is the selection of high performing adapted hybrids and varieties. Selecting the correct hybrid/variety can often mean the difference between profit and loss. Plant breeders and agronomists test thousands of commercial and new experimental lines for several years at many locations over a range of plant populations and other management practices. Performance trials determine which hybrids/varieties have yielding ability superior to current cultivars and estimate disease resistance and other important characteristics.

Results from the 2012 crop variety trials conducted by the University of Wisconsin can be found at the websites below. These trials are a "consumer report" of commercial varieties and hybrids offered for sale to farmers in Wisconsin. These results are derived from replicated plots grown around Wisconsin at university research stations and farmer fields, and offer the best predictor for next year's potential performance.

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